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Fanola Orotherapy Neutralizer 1000 ml

NEUTRALIZER 1000 ML Stabilized neutralizer for all hair types with Gold, Keratin and Argan Oil. Usage At the end of processing time, without removing the perm rods, rinse with plenty of warm water and apply the neutralizer directly onto the perm rods. Leave on for 10 mins. For very long hair, leave on for an extra 5 mins. Rinse thoroughly and remove the perm rods.Format

  • 1000 ML (cod. FAPRT86380)
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Fanola Orotherapy Unique Perm 500 ML

Multi-functional waving lotion for colored, coarse and normal hair with Gold, Keratin and Argan Oil. The formula free from ammonium thyoglicolate and ammonia guarantees maximum precision for supple, flexible and perfectly defined waves, adding movement, support and volume. Usage Wash the hair with the shampoo Orotherapy more indicated (depending on hair type). Wrap damp hair around the perm rods and apply Unique Perm. Processing time 5-15 mins (depending on hair type). Do not use heat sources.

  • 500 ML (cod. FAPRT86352)
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Permanenttihuppu, harmaa.

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Fanola perm 2 värjätyt ja huokoiset hiukset 500 ml

Fanola P2 Perm - Permanenttiaine värjätyille ja käsitellyille hiuksille. Antaa upeat kiharat ja suojaa hiuksia.

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Permanenttipuola harmaa/musta 12kpl (4500839)

Permanenttirulla, halkaisija 16mm, pituus 80mm.

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Permanenttipuola sininen/harmaa 12kpl (4500739)

Permanenttirulla, halkaisija 12mm, pituus 80mm.

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Permanenttipuola punainen/sininen 12kpl (4500639)

Permanenttirulla, halkaisija 9mm, pituus 80mm.

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