Fanola No More the Styling Mask 200 ml

Fanola No More the Styling Mask 200 ml

Some hair types are difficult to treat, especially during the humid seasons. For this we need a product that can protect the hair from environmental agents, countering frizz, controlling the hair’s volume and improving the style’s hold.

Thanks to its innovative technology and made with natural elements, The Styling Mask controls the volume and frizz of difficult and unruly hair and reduces the final drying time, making it easier to style the hair and prolonging the style’s duration.

Its rich cosmetic formula leaves hair extraordinarily soft and hydrated, after just 2 minutes’ setting time, without weighing it down.

The Styling Mask is an extraordinary innovative product that combines the nourishing, detangling and emollient properties of a mask with the properties of a styling product (without using resins in the formula).
[ACTIVE MIRACLAY] is the patented technology with natural clay that acts on the outer shaft of the hair, interacts with the hair’s electrostatic charges and aligns the fibres.
The technology is deposited on the hair, controls the volume and allows it to be styled with a professional and lasting result without weighing it down.
Moreover, the use of the mask consumes less water: 1.3 L (25.5%) compared to an average of 6.3 L consumed in 60 seconds. (data: Save the Water Ambassador)

  • 3 - 3.5 Ph
  • Silicone- and Paraben-free
  • Soft, rich, cosmetic texture
  • Reduced setting time: Just 2 Minutes
  • Percentage of naturalness: 99%
  • Vegan

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